Money for Grades

Topics: High school, Education, Minimum wage Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: April 4, 2013
A = Money

Kids need more incentive to do well in school. I believe that if kids knew that they would get paid if they did well the average grade would go up. Going to school for a kid is like an adult going to work so kids should get paid too. If a person who worked in a office knew that if he or she worked harder they would get a promotion the employee most likely would work harder. If kids get paid for having good grades the rate of school suspensions would decrease. Also kids grade point average would increase. Lastly they would be better behaved in class.

Suspensions in school would decrease if kids got paid for getting good grades because they would be trying to do better in school. If you know that you would have to pay $50.00 a semester to keep your child out of trouble wouldn't you? Also skipping school that results in suspension would dramatically decrease because kids would not want to miss vital information and always be playing catchup. An example would be if a student starts out with $50 in an account that they could access at the end of each semester but each time the student skips or breaks another school policy $5-$10 would be taken out of the account and the student would not be able to use that money. The only reason kids have to do well now is post secondary education but if they do not initially plan to pursue that they do not have a reason to do well.

If kids got paid to do well in school their average grade would dramatically shoot up. Especially if the amount that they got paid was relative to the grades they were getting. I know if I got paid to get better grades I would try a lot harder. The schools could have it so the kids got paid a basic hourly wage and then got paid a bonus at the end of the year depending on their grades. For example you could give each student $8.00 an hour for every hour they are in class and then at the end of each term give them a bonus of $50 for a C+, $100 for a B, and $150 for an A. This would...
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