Money Does Not Grow on Tree

Topics: Kuala Lumpur, Economics, 2007 albums, Capital accumulation, Bank / Pages: 4 (926 words) / Published: Oct 25th, 2012
Money Does Not Grow On Trees by Ngoi Hui Chien

In this modern society, what is the most important thing that people depend on to survive? Needless to say, it is money. Undeniably, money is needed for almost everything that we want. We need money to buy food, to have a place to live in, to go to school, to sit on the bus or even to go to a public toilet. There is an idiom which goes: “Money does not grow on trees”. It is used to warn us to spend money carefully as most of us don’t have a lot of it. In short, money is as vital as the air we breathe in as without money we cannot establish ourselves in society.

Since money does not grow on trees, where do we get money? Realistically speaking, it is hard work that enables us to have money. That is why most of us engage in some sort of work to earn a living. In metropolitan cities such Kuala Lumpur, we can see many workaholics leave their houses early in the morning and come back home when the sun sets. Some even work on extra shifts until midnight. The competition for money is so fierce that everyone cannot slack in their work. However, the minority of lucky people, don’t need to start from scratch or start their business on a shoestring because they inherit wealth from their families. There are even more fortunate people who make gross unexpected wealth through a lottery ticket. But this kind of windfall is just a flash in the pan.

Thus money is only valued by those who earn it by hard toil. This is because when we earn money through the blood and sweat of labour, we will spend it wisely and lavishly. Consider a man who gets his money by a stroke of luck or through a family inheritance. He only knows that money can buy fame or bring him many luxuries and pleasures. He entirely lacks the good habit of how spending frugally. He will spend freely without any planning. More often than not, such a person will end up

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