Money and Happiness

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Can Money Buy Happiness
In today's materialistic world, the phrase that ‘money can't buy happiness' is tending to be proved hence otherwise. Social research and surveys have shown results based on an individuals income, health and the political scenario which is dominant in his or her region. It is quite obvious that the gap between the privileged and the not so is growing into a great divide giving rise to different class and status, thus defining ones social circle. It should therefore be understood how an individuals economic status affects their personal happiness throughout all aspects of life. Many tend to refer to this age-old quote especially when they tend to belong to sector of people who can't afford the modern day luxuries of life. What they do not realize is that money, might in fact do just that, buy happiness. On the other hand, those who have pockets as heavy as themselves think that money Is nothing but a burden and a complication in life, which is too networked to figure out, let alone solve.

Happiness as defined in the Oxford Dictionary is a feeling of luck, fortune and contentment. The trends of music have hip hop artists expressing their childhoods as miserable experiences because they grew up in the ghetto. However once they have acquired their wealth, things couldn't have been going more smoothly. Could they have not made the best out of their childhood, knowing that they were loved and cared for? Weren't they truly happy then without all the material accessories? In my opin...

Does Money Buy Happiness

There are many ways I think money does buy happiness. Money increases quality of life which in turn buys happiness.   This is only true if one lives within his means, lives a modest life style and pursues happiness the right way. I think most people believe happiness is bought in a store. People overestimate how much pleasure they’ll get when they buy something luxurious. We really don’t need all these extravagant luxuries around us. Are they necessities to life? Are they just things to show your vanity? Or are they just trying to keep up with the Jones’s?   There are 4 classes of people; welfare, working, middle, and upper class. The welfare classes are not working or can’t find work; their bare minimal needs might be met. Do you think there is any quality of life for that family? Yes there is some food on the table and they may all live in a small apartment. What about the quantity and quality of those conditions? What about health care? Is there any? Probably not. The working class are working so hard, sometimes 2 and 3 jobs struggling just to get by. The whole time hoping that some day they could make enough to enjoy some of the good things life has to offer i.e. Time with family and friends, traveling, health care, quality food and shelter.   So yes I believe money can buy happiness if managed the right way.   All things considered, does it make good sense for people in society to pursue monetary income or wealth? I believe it makes sense for people to pursue monetary income first; the wealth will come on the later. Lee wrote achieving happiness is an ongoing project, not something that can be accomplished once and for all by earning more money, marrying the love of your life, having wonderful children. (Lee, 2005, 394)   But people adapt too quickly to the benefits that come with wealth and take them for granted. They must continuously pursue the temporary happiness of making more money to buy more things. As people continue through this cycle there comes a...

Does Money Bring Happiness?

Does Money Bring Happiness?
This often quoted phrase is so overused and jaded that even though we know that it is true, we tend to ignore it. We want to believe that there is an easy way out of being unhappy and believe me overcoming your emotions and teaching yourself to be happy can be more difficult that earning some bucks! All of us have at some point in time or another seen extremely rich,...
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