Topics: High school, Middle class, Police Pages: 4 (1218 words) Published: June 19, 2014
Valerie Oliva
Dr. Riggs
Sociology 1010
November 2, 2013
Saints and Roughnecks
1) Some deviant activities the Saints were involved in, included heavily drinking in nightclubs, driving drunkenly through the streets, and committing acts of vandalism and playing pranks. And just like the Saints, the Roughnecks usually committed these three types of delinquency: theft, drinking, and fighting. Both gangs involved seriousness on what they did, because all of them put people in danger whether by stealing or playing pranks on people, and being under the influence of alcohol also controlled their behaviors. I believe that the community was right at some point in focusing more harshly on the activities of the roughnecks because they could see how the way these teenagers behaved in school and after school. On the other hand the Saints seemed to be the opposite, the community was able to see only the good side of these boys because they were smart enough not to do bad stuff around their community, so no one was able to see the how they really behaved outside school. I cannot blame the community for judging them so harsh, unfortunately as humans we focus more on appearance and judge people by the way they look.

2) Attitude was a big factor. The Saints played a really good game, they were smart enough not to let anyone see the true them. In front of the community they seemed to be polite and respectful young men. That’s why everyone thought they were so nice and respectful, not knowing that they were just pretending. On the other hand the Roughnecks didn’t care about pretending being polite or respectful. If they felt like challenging authority or not agreeing with someone, they will quickly show their discontent with the person. They didn’t really care much about the consequences of their behavior.

3) The Saints tried to keep up their grades, even though on the weekends they kept themselves intoxicated most of the time, somehow they managed to keep their grades...
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