Monetary Policy and Economic Growth

Topics: Monetary policy, Economics, 1964 Pages: 3 (379 words) Published: March 22, 2014
City University of Hong Kong
Department of Economics and Finance
Semester B 2013–2014
Economics II
Instructor: Dr. KUNIEDA, Takuma
Office: P7318, Academic Building, Level 7, Lift 6
Phone: 3442-7960
Office Hours: To be announced

1 Objectives and Outcomes
1.1 Objectives
The main objective of this course is to introduce students to the basic principles of macroeconomics. Students will learn to apply macroeconomic analysis to the business world and other real world issues. 1.2 Outcomes

The main outcome expected of this course is to help students acquire a basic understanding of the core concepts of modern macroeconomics, including economic growth, business cycles, money, monetary policy, fiscal policy, and exchange rate. Students will apply these concepts to examples from their real life and the business world.

2 Textbook
R. Glenn Hubbard & Anthony P. O’Brien. Macroeconomics. PEARSON.

3 Assessment

Students are required to pass both coursework and examination components in order to pass the course.

Quizzes [10%]
Quizzes are counted for 10% for the final grade.
Homework assignment [20%]
Homework assignments are counted for 20% for the final grade. Midterm exam (in class) [20%]
The midterm exam is counted for 20%.
Final exam [50%]
The final exam will cover all the topics addressed during the semester, including topics covered in the midterm test, and will be held during the regular examination period at the end of the semester. Absences

Due to the policy of City U, in case of absence from any assessment including the midterm and final exams, you have to talk first to the general office of the department you belong to. Your department will determine how to cope with your absence.

4 Schedule
Week1 [January 13]
Chapter 8: GDP: Measuring Total Production and Income.
Week 2 [January 20]
Chapter 9: Unemployment and Inflation.
Week 3 [January 27]
Chapter 10: Economic Growth, the Financial...
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