Monet and Olympia

Topics: Édouard Manet, History of painting, Venus of Urbino Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: July 3, 2013
Art 188

Olympia took hard criticism at that time. Even though the nude female was typical subject of painting, Olympia was obviously different from the formers such as Titian’s “Venus of Urbino”. Monet simplified the color of body. It makes her body look angular, flat like a photograph and her body looks cold and harsh. Using journals, in Earnest chesneau, it said 1. An almost childish ignorance of the fundamentals of drawing. 2. Prejudice in favor of inconceivable vulgarity. In addition, in the Theophile Gautier, it turned down Olympia as “ugliness”. “there is nothing we are sorry to say, but the desire to attract attention at any price” They did not like Olympia’s style of painting and the subject which is lowly girl. However, Emile zola supported Olympia and highly appreciated it. This quotes show his view well. “When other artists give us a venus, they ‘correct’ nature, but Edouard Manet has asked himself, ‘why lie, why not tell the truth?’”. He thought public likes to behave childish way. They do not like the arts which stir up their conservative mind. The hatred of public does not mean that arts is poor. Manet might want to erase the boundary which is the conception that paint should contain perfect object. The reality and autonomy of our sight, that is the object itself whether it is beautiful or not, is important. At the time, when the Olympia is drawn after the French Revolution, the reconstruction has been started. Lots of clubs and bars are shown up, so as high class- prostitutes. Manet might want to draw after the real society at that time. This resistance of traditions might be caused by individual person, Manet, who has special characteristic and view, also by the needs of social situation. The young aged painters wanted more freedom of drawing and had dissatisfaction with old traditional custom or rules. These all factors added up, Manet’s few paintings triggered movement of artistic style. The most be-loved age of painting, impressionism....
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