Topics: History of painting, Art, Painting Pages: 4 (1566 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Yang Xiaodi (Sunny)
Class: 120.02
Instructor: Larry
Due: 14/12/2011
Monet and His Impressionism
Monet was one of the most important painters in France; he was one of the most affective artists of Impressionism; and he was one of the greatest change agents of art history. His contributions were not only in changing the traditional way of drawing, but also in the development of Impressionism. He used his whole life to paint and found his own style on the painting. His painting affected so many artists, not only in the painting style, but also the attitude as an artist. Although Monet was not the founder of Impressionism, he was the person who promoted the development of Impressionism the most, and the most theory and practice of Impressionism was promoted by him. Nineteenth-century was revolutionary; new ideas and innovate thought came up with innovators. People never stop thinking; the painting style was renewed again and again. Looking back to the history, the Industrial Revolution started to influence European countries, and people realized it was the era that switched the old climate to new thought not only in science, but also in literature, art, society, and politics. Many innovations and revolutions pushed the world into new era. The Romanticism was substituted for Neo-classicism. Because of the development of science, the photography appeared as the settle of Realism. The real images of society, war, and world were shown to people. It was not beautiful, perfect, or strong, but real. The new revolution had begun, Realism replaced the Romanticism gradually. Artists started to view and describe things more realistically instead of romantically. Édouard Manet was affected by the new painting style, Realism, deeply. However, he was also the innovator. He overturned the traditions of paintings. He focused on the daily life of people rather than the war or death. A new painting style, Impressionism, was formed and had its rudiment. The...
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