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Canadian Constitutional Monarchy

A constitutional monarchy is a form of government where the monarch acts as the head of state, and has to act within the boundaries of the constitution. Canada is part of the British Commonwealth, which automatically classifies us as a constitutional monarchy. The benefit of this system is that the monarch will always govern its state and people in a way that is civil and fair. The Queen of England is the head of Canada’s constitutional monarchy, but her powers are limited as she has to operate within the boundaries of the constitution which she agreed to 1982. Under the crown, Canada developed its two colonies, the French and British, which introduced the two dominant languages we use today, English and French. The history that Canada has with the British is the closest tie that Canada has had with any nation. For example the Brits and the Canadians were allies in both world wars, and have never had any violent disputes. Also, the Queen approved the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which made Canada the only commonwealth county to instate one. To separate from the British would be insulting the history that ties the two nations together.

Many argue that Canada should no longer be a constitutional monarchy. Some points raised are that it costs too much, and the Queen is nothing more than a figurehead who visits Canada once in a blue moon. Granted, when the Queen was younger, she had a much larger aura of authority, as the countries she governed had not yet matured. However, as these nations became more independent, the Queen’s influence of authority receded. If Canada separates from the British, they would have to implement a system which would most likely cost as much as a constitutional monarchy. To host a constitutional monarchy, it costs each Canadian a dollar and fifty cents.Therefore, claims that our constitutional monarchy costs our nation an exorbitant amount are inherently flawed.

The monarchy is...

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