Momma's Simple Words Soothes Fear

Topics: School, Fear, English-language films Pages: 3 (1081 words) Published: October 28, 2008
Reflective essay

The time between the end of nursery and that first day of primary school, flew by faster than the speed of light. However it was only until the end of the summer that it dawned upon me that school was fast approaching. I dreaded leaving the comfort of nursery and entering the new world of primary school. It seems silly now but it was the most frightening day of my childhood. However no matter how much I dreaded that day I never used any excuses to get out of it. Maybe because I was also a bit excited. All I could think about was what my class was going to be like and who my teacher was. Trying on school cloths in the shop made me more nervous. I thought, of course I was going to get picked on looking like this, but never thought that everyone else would look the same and was properly thinking the same. I got the school blazer and new shoes from Clarks, also a pencil case and everything to go in it. I was fully prepared in one sense. However I was not prepared emotionally.

The morning of the first day of school, the butterflies were bouncing of my stomach like children on a sugar rush. As my mum put on my blazer on tied my school shoes nice and tight she could tell I was nervous and tried to reassure me every thing would be fine and every other child would be felling the same way. I should have listened to her she spoke the truth. However I thought what dose she know, I had heard the stories of wicked teachers and class bullies. The car ride there was like a rollercoaster ride, when your go right to the top and do not know what is on the other side of the peak. My mum still tried to reassure me every thing was going to be ok. However the television had filled my mind with horrors stories I could not forget. At that age I believed every thing I saw on television. Meanwhile I was trying to put a brave face on. It was always the children who cried on T.V that got bullied. I believed the class room would be like the desert and children like...
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