Moments of Truth

Topics: Good, Customer, Perfume Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: April 6, 2011
For this assignment I visited the Shoppers Stop store with cautiously noticing the moments of truth. •First:
When I was depositing my polybag at the luggage counter I was welcomed by a person with a smile that was something good and different from the attendant present at Big Bazaar or Dmart. •Second:
The second encounter was the ambience of the supermarket overall which was quite neat and lively. There was a perfume counter with a person standing and demonstrating different perfumes. In my opinion it was strategically placed to serve two purpose, one being the sale of perfumes and second to welcome the customers with a pleasant fragrance. •Third:

Third moment of truth was the brands of products especially apparel which were present quite well suits to the customer who lies somewhere in between BIG BAZAAR and Single brand outlet i.e. a person having a comparatively higher spending power than a BIG BAZAAR or D MART goers but seeking a variety. •Fourth:

Fourth moment of truth was the tidily dressed salesperson who were never pushy but quite observant. They were constantly observing the customers and making a flawless entry at a point when they were finding the customer confused in making a choice. They were never pushy but rather made the sensible suggestions based upon their observation of customer (i.e. his dressing style, way of speaking etc) •Fifth:

Fifth moment of truth was the guard at dressing room who too behave in a well mannered way .The point in trivial but impactful. •Sixth:
Sixth moment of truth was the cash counter staff, quite disciplined and peaceful. The attendants were polite and helpful. They were recommending the membership card to every customer, I had one already and was very sure that I must be having a good amount of points since I did spent my first salary in that store to buy gifts and presents for my loved ones. They checked for the points but it was nil. I was shocked and I asked for my last point reimbursement...
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