Moma Exhibition Review – Century of the Child

Topics: 20th century, Psychology, Child Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: December 9, 2012
MOMA Exhibition Review – Century of the Child

Making a Better World for Children

This exhibition shows how much adults have tried to consider children and their childhood since 1900. Most of artworks are intended for children. Some of them are intended to provide joyfulness and convenience to children, and some of them are intended to develop children’s intelligence, and some of them show how adult’s thoughts or considerations have changes over time. I could understand there have been really big efforts to make a better world for children, but honestly I was not impressed by the exhibition. I looked all the artworks carefully from the start to the end. However, in terms of design, I did not see much progress and difference between early 20th century toys and last 20th century toys. 1914 1940 1985

Also, I did not see much progress and much changes of adult’s consideration toward children over time. I felt that almost all the artworks in the exhibitions were created based the adult’s perspective, not based on children’s perspective. Actually when I entered the MOMA, an old proverb ‘The child is the father to the man’ crossed my mind. I don’t know exactly what that mean, but I think it means that every single adult’s behavior and word affects to children. In other words, adults should be careful in their behaviors and words in front of children. I think due to my thought about the proverb before I entered the exhibition I expected to see something different toys and something very special historical events that I can feel past adult really cared about children’s life and future. What I felt in the exhibition was that most things in there including toys, posters, and furniture just changes by technology development or historical events. Of course I know technology development and historical events are things that would affect to all societal things, but it is better to remain something that is related to children as a segment that is not affect to the...
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