Mom vs. Dad - Compare/Contrast

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Mom vs. Dad
Mom vs. Dad; it’s a time old battle that has been played out for years in families all around the world and will continue to play out for many years to come. In most co-parenting families Dad and Mom each have their particular role that defines their parenting techniques. Dad tends to be the messy, unorganized, rough and tumble playful one while Mom tends to gear towards routines, organization, cleanliness, and safety. While Mom is busy sanitizing little hands and organizing sock drawers Dad is knocking over open jars of baby food as he swings a sticky faced baby high into the air. Although different, each parent’s techniques are equally right and both accomplish the main goals of being a parent - raising healthy and happy children. One of the most well known general differences among a mother’s parenting technique and a father’s is cleanliness; cleanliness of the house and cleanliness of the children. In most cases Mom puts herself in charge of ensuring that the household chores are done daily and that everyone gets a bath on time. Dad does things a little different on his watch; however. His motto is as long as the ants haven’t ‘come a calling’ then there isn’t anything to worry about. He’d rather brush chores off for later and play video games with his boys. When it comes to child’s play moms and dads tend to have different views on what’s appropriate. Dad is a risk taker and agrees with the idea of free will. He feels that as long as it doesn’t physically harm the child then it’s probably perfectly fine; whereas Mom looks at things in more depth. Activities are approved based on emotional and social age appropriateness and a safety evaluation. If it doesn’t pass the ‘Mom approved’ test, it’s not an option. Eating habits is another high difference area among households. Mom feels healthy nutrition is the key to proper development and cooks so that each meal has something from every food group. On Dad’s night to cook,

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