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mom and dad

By michellec1210 Dec 15, 2013 811 Words
Mom or Dad?
No one every wants to admit the parent they admire the most. Seeing as though it is all in preference every kid idols at least one of their parents or guardian. Mom and dads both play a different, and important role in parenting each child. In this essay I am going to compare mom and dads. I love both my parents, but my mother is my idol. My mother is nurturing and she loves me to the fullest every day. The warmth of her heart seems to melt mine, our connection is strong and everlasting, and she is my admiration. My mother is incredibly loving and understandable. She has guided me throughout 17 years of life and many more. As she cares for my brother and I she cares for others as well. When two of my cousins came home from the military my mother made sure they were fed, clothed, and beds were made until they could get back on their feet. Which they did. My mother satisfies others before herself. She wakes up at 5am every morning getting chores done around the house. While keeping the house tidy she prepares breakfast for my brother and I. As we eat, she makes her way to the rooms to make our beds. Rushing, she never realizes that she only gives herself a half an hour to get ready for work, talk about positive procrastination. My mother’s work ethic is like Steve Jobs preparing to make the iPhone. All her life she has had a job, until the year of 2005 she got laid off and she never once complained. Determined to find a job as soon as possible she never gave up. After a short period of time she found a job of her continued career that provided her with a vast salary. Years later in 2013, my mother quit her job, she now works at Quinnipiac University in the college of arts and Science department. When receiving this job she understood that she would be getting paid significantly less. The benefit of taking the job was me and my brother going to the college for free. My mother makes sure our life and satisfaction is complete she has always said, “I’ve gone through life with no guidance and no mother. I will be not only the best but the better mother I can be” my mother has proved this to me. She is my idol. While I climb through life preparing to become a women, my ultimate goal is to be as strong and independent like my mother has grown up to be. Some might say dads are cool, calm, and collected. Others might tell you dads are rough, aggressive and hard to communicate with. Hollywood has given me a positive idea about dads, by watching movies and TV shows about dad’s who are fun and more lenient then moms. But, in my life, this fairytale world and media about dads was not all that true. My dad is a hardworking man, but he never lets anyone forget how hardworking he is. Unlike my mother, my father seeks attention from peers and family members to acknowledge his right doing. My dad is a fantastic cook. But, only a fantastic cook by himself. If you even think about getting near his food his chef like senses turn on and as he begins to scream, “don’t touch this, this is my space!!” so I back off and keep my mouth shut. This then leads into him and I arguing about having no respect and taking him for granted. I decide to walk away and not bother him while he cooks. The most sensitive thing to ask my dad for, or even talk about is money. To him, we are always broke. It doesn’t matter the abundance of cash my parents make, according to him we never have money and were poor. To avoid the never ending arguments about money I have decided to search for a job. Successfully, I now have two decent paying jobs, I can be independent, and buy anything I want without feeling guilty, or to come home and dash into my room hiding all the unnecessary junk I got. I guess you could say me and my dad don’t see eye to eye, even though he is a pain I am obligated to love him. Through this essay it is inedible that I admire my mother more than my father. Mom and dad’s play two different roles these roles should love equally. But this doesn’t always happen. The connection between my mother and I is a friendship but the connection with my father and I is not quit existent. This essay should not change anyone’s mind set about their parents. My life is different and so are my parents.

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