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Matt Clarke
November 16, 2012
Jean-Francois Aubert

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Executive Summary
Molson Coors is known worldwide as the fifth largest brewing corporation and they have proven to be a very successful company over their past years of business. Molson and Coors never used to be together. They were each successful breweries long before the two merged in 2005 and although the merge may have had early signs of failure, things have begun to look good for the company. Peter Swinburn, the company’s CEO has been able to greatly improve the every-day operations of Molson Coors and completely transform their mission. His democratic leadership style has helped the company reach new heights and develop their innovative reputations.

For the most part, Peter Swinburn and the entire organization have done a great job in running Molson Coors and developing a Fortune 500 company. They started under much scrutiny and negative projections, but they were able to soon prove that they knew what they were doing. They have a fairly strong organizational structure, their planning and goal-setting has helped them reach the point they’re at now and their key leader’s styles have proven to work well with controlling the company. They have even gained a positive view in the public eye due to the many environmental changes they have made. If I could recommend anything, I would suggest they try to expand their demographics and try to win over the younger age groups, as they are currently selling to mostly those in the 30+ range. I would also encourage them to continue to come out with new and innovative products such as they recently did with Molson M; the first micro-carbonated beer. Company Overview

Molson Coors is a worldwide brewing company and boasts one of the largest lineups of beer. Molson and Coors have not always been together, in fact they began separately: Molson in 1786 and Coors in 1873. They each ran very successful brewing companies and in the year 2005, they merged to form Molson Coors brewing company. It is currently headquartered in Denver, Colorado and Montreal, Quebec with breweries and offices in many other parts of the world. They have subsidiary offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and Mexico. Molson Coors has a portfolio of over 100 beer brands that is always continuing to grow. They sell different brands of beer in each of the countries they are located in, in order to connect and appeal to the average buyer in the area. For example, in Canada they sell Molson Canadian, which is obviously placed in Canada due to the name “Canadian”. The company is always looking for new and innovative ways to challenge the market and provide their dedicated customers with something exciting. Molson Coors also likes to learn from their customers, as they are who drives Molson Coors creative process and aids them in providing a better beer. They also care immensely for the communities and places where they brew and believe in integrity, respect and accountability.

Molson Coors corporate governance is set up quite well and they have a very stable Board of Directors, resulting in a well-run company. Molson Coors Board of Directors is elected by the stockholders in order to oversee their interests and to substitute the long-term success of the Company in agreement with the requirements of our Certificate of Incorporation and Bylaws. The Board of directors serves as the ultimate decision-making body of the Company, except for those matters reserved for or shared with the stockholders. The Board selects and oversees the members of senior management, who are charged with directing the business of the Company.

The Board of Directors:
Chairman of the Board…………………………………………………....Andrew T. Molson Vice Chairman of the Board…………………………………………….Peter H. Coors President and CEO………………………….……………………………....Peter Swinburn Chairman, President and CEO –...
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