Moliere three endings

Topics: Comedy, Drama, Deus ex machina Pages: 4 (1645 words) Published: October 29, 2013
In most cases, a story usually has just one ending but in the story of Tartuffe, there were three endings which are traditional happy ending for most of ordinary comedy plays, a tragic reversal and a deus ex machine resolution to all of the problem. Why a theater genius like Moliere created such a complicated mixture ending like that? Moliere of course wants to sale the ticket and he needs the audience to remember and introduce his play to as many people many they could. So that he gave them what they want which is a happy ending that Tartuffe was unmask, Marienne and Valere kissed and get married. But Moliere was not that kind of unrealistic man, he knew that in real life we have to pay a heavy price for our mistakes. Therefore, Moliere came up with the second ending that Orgon had given all his properties even his secret paper to Tartuffe and now Tartuffe took them and use them against him! A tragic with no solution like that is such a worthy lesson by which Moliere taught us a lesson in life. However, he doesn’t want the audience to go home unhappily with this ending because his play is supposed to be a comedy not a tragedy. Thus, he created a third ending in which a King show up, solved the hard situation and put everything back to the right track. This ending was just made to please the audience and allow them to go home happily. Moreover, they will remember his unique play and would have a good impression about it. The first ending in Moliere's play is a standard comic happy ending that meets and exceeds the expectations of the audience. The situation here is that Orgon was a foolish man who believes and idolize Tartuffe blindingly. A bad guy pretending to be a God's man like Tartuffe must be unmask when the play is over- that's what the audience expect from Moliere. And besides that, Moliere has also given them a love story between Marienne and Valere. But their love was forbidden and challenged because of the existance of Tartuffe....
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