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Topics: Molière, Louis XIV of France, Mikhail Bulgakov Pages: 3 (970 words) Published: April 25, 2012
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Research Paper:

In all the works of theatre there has always been a list of names that created stories that transcended all other works. These stories and their authors would go on to become timeless and world renown. Among these masterful writers sits Jean-Baptiste Poquelin. His stage name however is what most people remember him by, and that name is Moliere.

Jean-Baptiste Poquelin was born in Paris on January 15, 1622. His father happened to be an upholsterer working for the King, so young Jean-Baptiste grew up with the luxuries of a wealthier family from that time. These luxuries included an education in literature of the time, and also the experiences of the mannerisms and expectations of royalty. He also gained a good perspective of the prevalence of hypocrisy and vanity that was rampant at that time period in France and would use this for material in his plays. As a child he would frequently go to the Pont-Neuf and also the Hotel Borgogne to see acts of theatre performed and soon fell in love with the art.

At the age of twenty-one Jean-Baptiste Poquelin started the troop named The Illustrious Theatre and started going by the name Moliere. The troops debut and following acts turned out to be pure failures as the troop was full of people with little experience. After the two years of failure several members dropped out. The remaining members decided to go on tour in the various provinces of France to practice their acting skills. They would be a traveling acting troop for the next twelve years.

While traveling Moliere started to perfect his art and started writing his own works that he and his troop would regularly perform. His first notable work came from this time period and was called The Blunderer. In search of better work and lifestyle Moliere and his troop went back to the city of lights and started performing their own works with much success. After some time they...

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