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The difference between British and American Political System

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The UK and the USA are two countries with great worldwide influence. The basis of this power leads the state politics. While both these nation states fall within the democratic framework, they differ in some significant ways. The biggest difference is that the USA is a republic, while the UK is a constitutional monarchy. The USA has a written constitution while the constitution of the UK is unwritten. In this study I have to represent the most significant differences between the political system of Great Britain and the United States.

British Political System
American Political System
Form of government
Constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy consisting of our separate countries namely: Northern Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland. Federal republic; presidential system consisting of 50 states. Head of state

The Monarch – Queen and
The Prime Minister is the head of the government.
President of the USA.
The British Constitution is unwritten in
one single document. The British Constitution can be found in a variety of documents. It is based on custom, tradition and common law. There are two basic principles to the British Constitution: The Rule of Law and the Supremacy of Parliament. The US has a written constitution which is very difficult to change. *divided into two parts (the document and the amendments); it is the “supreme law” of the country.

Branches of
legislative; executive; judicial powers

legislative; executive; judicial powers.
Legislative power
-is exercised by the Houses of
Parliament. The British Parliament consists of two chambers: The House of Lords and the House of Commons. The House of Lords is made up of members who are mostly appointed by the Sovereign on the recommendation of the Prime Minister. The House of Commons is made up of 652 elected Members of Parliament. -is exercised by Congress(bicameral).

-consisting of the House of Representatives and the Senate.
House of Representatives (435 members – divided among the states in proportion to their population) –
they serve a two-year term
Senate (100 members – two from each state) – they serve a six-year term. Executive
The executive power is exercised by Prime Minister and his Cabinet. The Prime Minister is the leader of the political party in power and is the head of government. He is appointed by the Queen. Prime Minister choosen a team of ministers, 20 of the ministers are in the Cabinet.

The president is at the same time head of state and head of government. The President and the Vice President are elected by the people. The President and the Vice president do not necessarily belong to the majority party. Cabinet members are appointed by the president. Cabinet members are not MPs. The executive continues for 4 years – it does not depend on congress majority. The President can be removed only with impeachment. Judicial

The judicial power determines common law and is independent of both the legislative and executive branches. Is formed by Magistrate Courts, Crown Courts, Courts of Appeal, The Supreme Courts, Civil cases, Tribunals, The Judges. Is formed by Supreme Courts, Courts of Appeal, and District Courts. The judiciary is independent of the other two branches. The Supreme Court is made up of nine justices. They interpret law according to the Constitution and may declare actions of the executive...
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