Molar Volume of a Gas Lab

Topics: Gas, Ideal gas law, Volume Pages: 4 (816 words) Published: October 31, 2008
Molar Volume of a Gas – 10/27/08

Alic Albright, Josh Coleman, Dan Boden, Zach Babin


The pupose of this lab was to make an experimental determination of a molar volume through reaction of the substance shown: Mg(s) + 2HCl(aq) > MgCl(aq) + H(g)


In this lab, a magnesium ribbon and HCl are combined in a gas measuring tube. When they are combined they form magnesium chloride and Hydrogen gas. The molar ratio between Mg reacted and H2 produced a 1:1. Thus the number of moles of H2 can be determined if the number of moles of Mg is found. The experimental volume of H2 is found in the experiment and by using the gas laws of both Boyle and Charles. The volume of H2 can be determined at STP.



Magnesium Ribbon, Cotton Thread, 3 M HCl, Gas-magnesium tube, One-hole stopper, Ring Stand, Utility Clamp, Thermometer, Beaker, Graduated Cylinder, Metric Ruler, Safety Goggles

1. Measure and Record the length of a magnesium ribbon, Also record the mass of 1 meter of magnesium ribbon. 2. With a piece of cotton thread tie one end of it around the piece of magnesium ribbon, leaving about 10cm of thread free. Bend the piece of magnesium to fit into the gas measuring tube. 3. Carefully pour 10 ml HCl into the measuring tube.

4. Tilt the gas measuring tube slightly and slowly fill the tube with distilled water. Be sure not to mix the water with the acid. 5. Put the piece of magnesium about 4-5 cm into the tube so that there is a piece of thread hanging out. Put on the rubber stopper 6. Add about 300mL of water to a 400mL beaker. Place you finger over the hole in the rubber stopper and invert the gas measuring tube. Lower the stoppered end of the tube into the beaker of water. Record the initial observations 7. Let stand for about 5 minutes after the magnesium has completely reacted. Then, tap the sides of the tube to make sure it is finished reacting....
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