Mohammed Morsi

Topics: Egypt, Human rights, Cairo Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Egyptian citizens are being oppressed. With both a lack of freedom of speech and prevention of selling goods, Mohammed Morsi is creating mayhem in the country of Egypt. His entire presidency has been a waste of time. Morsi is a selfish leader, who, while claiming to be helping his country, is in fact dragging them into disaster with his unrealistic wants. Morsi’s childhood was easy and relaxing. He was born on August 20, 1951 near the Nile River. He studied engineering at Cairo University and received a master’s degree in 1978. After this he moved to the U.S and got another degree from the University of Southern California. He had two children in California during this time, and then he moved back to Egypt and got a job as an assistant professor of Zigazag University. In “1977 he became part of the Muslim Brotherhood – a political, Islam-based organization that played a major role in the Egyptian nationalist movement (Mohamed Morsi Biography 1). He served as President of the Muslim Brotherhood from 2000-2005. In 2012 Mohammed Morsi became president of Egypt. He is the first Islamist to lead an Arab country. When Morsi became president there were many issues already facing his country. Breast cancer, due to lack of education and medical care, was causing many deaths. Women’s rights were not being followed. Rape, assault and suppression were causing distress in the female population. There were drug issues: Hashish, Cannabis, Opium, Cocaine, Heroin and Tramodol were being peddled in and out of Egypt (Sanchez 1). There were many trafficking rings, yet few drugs were actually produced in the country. Today the issues facing country have to do more with the economy and Human rights violations. Egyptian economy has decrease, “Depreciated 3% by the dollar over the past 10 months (Egypts Economy Suffocates).” And due to the uprisings many jobs have been lost. “Protesters knocked down businesses and Markets (Egypts Economy Suffocates).” The number of houses being shot...
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