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Hinduism's Paper

Theresa “Terri” Williams



April 6, 2013

Hinduism Paper

The subject of this paper is the religion of Hinduism. In this paper I will explain the making of the Hinduism religion I will also discuss the societal influence of the Hinduism is vital to the region in which it started. Then last I will explain the desire for liberation from earthly existence. The Hindu Religion

Hinduism is the oldest religion that I could see that existed on this planet. Hinduism is actually known as the Sanatana Dharma or Eternal Truth. Uniting belief systems of Hinduism include the conviction that Truth is knowable and can be directly experienced.

The Hindu religion has two core values. First core value is the “doctrine of karma. Karma states that every thought and action results in certain consequences born by the actor or thinker. If a person lies or steals, he will be wronged in some way in the future. Most Hindus believe that though his/her present is determined by his/her past, nonetheless we can influence our future by conducting ourselves in a proper manner in the present” (Rood,1995-2011, p.1).

In today's society the christian faith may see some similarity between the karma and the verse in Galatians 6:7 which states “Whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.” Hinduism has a strong sense of morality. The Hindu religion teaches non-violence just like other religions. Another belief of Hinduism is the passage of a dead person’s soul into another body at or after death. Cultural and Social Influences

“I learned that one big societal element is that India is one of the last bastions of the ancient world's culture. Its population practices scores of diverse religious traditions. Hinduism is actually an term referring to the people living on the other side of the Sindhu River. The actual name is the Santana Dharma or Universal Truth or Way.

One of Hinduism's greatest strengths is its able to unite the diverse...

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