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David Davis
Professor Beth
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Organic Foods
Many people in America believe that we should eat healthier foods. However, a large portion of the advertising created for food in America is focused on unhealthy foods such as “McDonalds” or “Burger King”. It is crazy how someone can go into a store in buy a one dollar cheese burger but in order to buy something healthy you have to spend close to $10 to get a healthy meal. If people in the US today were focus more on consuming organic foods and products, people would be healthier, reducing high medical costs and improving the overall well-being of our people. The benefits of organic foods should also be introduced to children in schools so they will be given the choice to shape their own eating habits for the future. There are actually benefits that come from eating organic foods because of the way the foods are grown. They are all grown on smaller farms and are cared more for. The farmers use natural soils, get rid of the weeds naturally without using sprays, and they use beneficially insects and birds to get rid of pests and diseases (Cassetty 2). Using natural resources to grow foods prevents us from eating chemical and in some cases added hormones. Organic foods have more zinc, iron and other vitamins than non-organic foods (DM Bravata 3). They can help reduce your risk for cancer because weed, insect, and mold killers have been linked to the cause of some cancers. The ways these foods are grown also help our environment by creating less pollution.

There are certain foods that you should buy organic over non-organic. These foods are the ones that are more nutritious and contain fewer pesticides. Apples are generally more contaminated with pesticides so buying them organically will reduce the risk of them. Celery, strawberries, peaches, spinach, nectarines, grapes, sweet bell peppers, potatoes, blueberries, kale, and lettuce are all other foods that you should buy...

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