Modules for Exchange

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September 2015
Unit NameUnit CodeLevel
The Geography of Travel and Tourism4BUS10054
Global Perspectives in Tourism & Event Management4BUS10464 The International Tourism Business5BUS10095
The Event Industry4BUS10074
Risk Management & Security for Events5BUS11025
Visitor Attraction Management6BUS10506
Social Networking and Enterprise6BUS10626
Operations Management for Events6BUS10736

January 2016
Unit NameUnit CodeLevel
Managing People5BUS10375
The Tourist Market5BUS10125
Destination Marketing6BUS10236
Event Planning, Design and Communicating Engagement5BUS11055 Niche Events6BUS11306
Mobile Business Technologies5BUS10665
Tourism and Events: Data Analysis in Practice4BUS10164
Food Service Operations and Management4BUS10764
Part A
First Year Core Units
COM00207 - Communication in Organisations

MNG00440 - Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality Management

SOY00411 - Tourism Theories and Practices

MNG00441 - Hospitality Services Management

MNG01413 - Human Resource and Workplace Management

ACC10707 - Accounting for Business

ECO00424 - Economic Analysis for Tourism and Hospitality

MKT00127 - Tourism and Hospitality Marketing

Part B
2nd and 3rd Year Core Units
LAW00203 - Business Law and Ethics for Tourism and Hospitality

MNG00415 - Tourism and Hospitality Research and Analysis

MNG00417 - Strategic Management for Tourism and Hospitality Enterprises

MNG10476 - Professional Development for the Workplace

MKT01221 - Intern Study I
Note 1
MKT01222 - Intern Study II
Note 1
MKT01223 - Intern Study III
Note 1
MKT01224 - Intern Study IV
Note 1
Part C
MNG00421 - Events Management

MKT01420 - Conventions, Meetings and Exhibitions Management

MNG10228 - Project Management for Conventions and Events

MNG10226 - Theming and Staging for Conventions and Events

SCI00419 - Food and Beverage Management

MNG01222 -...
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