Module1-Neutral Curriculum

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Prior to reading the text discussion of neutral curriculum, I had a vague idea of the meaning. My definition of neutral curriculum was a curriculum in which a religious belief is not taught to students. It means that I do not teach my students, in public school setting, about Jesus or anything biblical, which does not have to do with the subject being taught. While this was my definition prior to reading the text, after reading the text, I realized that my definition did not take into account that while I may not explicitly teach about Christian beliefs, I share my values daily through my actions and choice of lessons. After reading the text, it was clear to me that there can be no neutral curriculum. According to Van Brummelen (2002), “A curriculum that satisfies people with opposing views on such issues as the nature and purpose of life, the concept of progress, or the role and task of governments may be unachievable (pg. 12). Similarly, just as individual ideals and values influence curriculum, areas that are researched within education and educational psychology are also affected by researcher ideals and values. “When people develop or adopt a particular theory, they take on a whole set of beliefs concerning what questions about development are worth asking, what methods for studying these questions are legitimate and what the nature of development is” (Miller, 2011, p.5). Beliefs that teachers hold will always influence what they teach and how they interact with students. I believe that trying to achieve a goal of neutral curriculum will and possibly have affected the work ethic and moral values of today’s students. Many students that I interact with do not seem to have the moral foundation to guide them in making wise decisions. A teacher in a Christian school should not seek to be neutral, but should allow students to learn about various views, while teaching the importance of Christian values (Van Brummelen, 2002). Additionally, “Christian teachers...
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