Module Review 3

Topics: Computer, Personal computer, Computer data storage Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: April 24, 2012
1. Identify and explain key trends that are occurring in computer peripheral devices? How do these trends affect business uses of computers? -Some key trends occurring are the wireless mouse which has longer battery life or the constant updating of scanners. The newly developed scanners like the CanoScan D1250 (I’ve just heard a lot about it) which has an adjustable lid so you can scan bulky documents such as a book. This can affect a business because it can scan anything and definitely get quality every time and not have to waste time rescanning.

2. Discuss important computer hardware developments that you expect to happen in the next 10 years? How will these affect the business use of computers? - Computer screens keep getting bigger and now most office personnel have two monitors for one computer, which helps them produce work faster by seeing two things at once. Before long computer monitors will have built in web-cams (if they don’t already) this would help managers in many ways such as distant conference calls.

3. What trends are occurring in the development and use of the major types of computer systems? - Computers are becoming more powerful in terms of speed of computing, data storage capacity, and ability to perform very wide variety of functions such as being able to transmit communication no matter how far away.

4. Are networks of PCs and servers making mainframe computers obsolete? Explain. -I don’t believe mainframe computers will ever be obsolete. Mainframe computers are larger than PCs but also more powerful. Mainframe computers have more storage capability and have gone down in size in the past years.
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