Topics: Marketing / Pages: 7 (691 words) / Published: Jan 27th, 2015
Module Code & Module Title: MKT4053 Fundamentals of Marketing
Programme(s): DMK
Semester/Year: Year 1 (Sem 2)


Chapter 1: Introduction to Marketing

Definition of marketing
Marketing mix
The marketing process
Core marketing concepts

Company Case: Abou Shakra Restaurant: Creating Customer Value the Old-Fashioned Way

Marketing Debate: Does Marketing create or satisfy needs?

Kotler, P. and Armstrong, G. (2014) Principles of Marketing. 15th Edn. Pearson Education: USA, Pg. 55

Kotler, P., Keller, K., L., Ang, S., H., Leong, S., M., Tan, C., T. (2012) Marketing Management. 14th Edn. Prentice Hall: New Jersey, pg. 31

Chapter 2: Strategic Planning
Marketing and consumer value
The central role of strategic planning
Corporate and division strategic planning
Business unit strategic planning
Product planning

Marketing discussion

Briefing on marketing plan for new product.
Marketing Management, pg. 63

Students are required to design a product and write up a marketing plan for the new product that they would like to market.
pg. 63

Chapter 3: Marketing Information System

Marketing information and customer insights
Assessing marketing information needs
Developing marketing information
Analysing and using marketing information

Video Case: Domino’s Tutorial: Chapter 1-3
Principles of Marketing. 14th Edn.
Pg 151.

Chapter 4: Marketing environment and MIS

Components of modern marketing information system
The microenvironment
The macroenvironment
Marketing discussion

Video Case: Ecoist Marketing Management, pg. 87

Principles of Marketing.
Pg. 118.

Chapter 5: Consumer Behaviour

Model of consumer behaviour
Characteristics affecting consumer behaviour
Types of buying decision behaviour
The buyer decision process
The buyer decision process for new products.

Marketing ethics: Vanity sizing

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