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Module 6 Teen Driving Project Part 1

By jaquan_23 Mar 14, 2015 397 Words
Name: Ja’Wuan Copeland
Teen Driving Issues Project
Topic: Road Rage
Part 1 - Identify the Issue
Why is this a problem especially for teen drivers. It’s a problem for teen drivers because their temper and may use the car as a weapon against the other driver. The result of being behind the wheel driving aggressively may cause the teen to get pulled over by law enforcement to prevent an accident, injury or death. An easy way to possibly get control of your self is calm thinking to yourself calming thoughts.

The State Courts Against Road Rage (SCARR) is a program developed to educate the rage inside of drivers. The program is to make attendees confront the behavior that got them into the class and open up on how to change their behavior. The group also provides compelling visual images that demonstrates the serious consequences of uncontrollable rage and dangerous driving. Also they provide statistics and information that would educate drivers on the best methods on handling and preventing dangerous driving scenarios and promote seat belt use.

The Reaching Out Against Rage or R.O.A.R.R. is a non-profit organization designed to fight the growing danger of road rage among the highways and byways of our nation. The mission of R.O.A.R.R. , is to provide support resources for victims and their families and educational tools to help communities reduce the destructive impact of aggressive driving and road rage throughout the United States. The group was organized in 2004 and acquired their 501©3 tax attempt exempt in January , 2005.

Another way to prevent road rage is not driving at when filled with rage. Have someone else drive for you when you’re filled with rage. Never try to drive with rage because you can possibly use your car as a weapon on other drivers. Having someone drive for you can prevent crashes that can lead to death. Its much safer because the person filled with rage isn’t behind the wheel and cant cause any problems.

Setup commercials and banners all around about the causes of road rage and how to prevent it. Putting up banners can put more of a message for those who don’t care for television or cant seen to catch the commercial when it airs on tv. Both the commercial and banners are effective because they’re both putting out a message on road rage and how to prevent it.

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