Module 6 HomeworkModule 6 HomeworkSteven McCordAllied

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Module 6 Homework

Module 6 Homework
Steven McCord
Allied American University

Author Note This paper was prepared for COM 120 Module 6 Homework taught by Katherine Tracy.


Write a response to the following prompt using proper APA Style.

Prompt: You will read a description of a speaking situation, make decisions about how to adjust the speech delivery based on the situation, and answer questions about your decisions.

Step 1: Review the information presented in Module 6 that explores speech delivery and how it should be modified based on the characteristics of the audience and other factors.

Step 2: Read the following description of a speaking situation:

You work as a technical support manager for a satellite television company. As part of a company-sponsored tuition reimbursement program, you are also attending college courses part time and pursuing a degree in communications. Your Human Resources representative asks you to give a presentation to a group of people at an upcoming career fair. The HR manager is interested in you helping motivate potential applicants to apply for part-time positions that pay a relatively low hourly wage and include only limited benefits. This is exactly the type of position you accepted when you first started with the company. The job fair will be held in a part of the city with a relatively low unemployment rate. The people attending are likely to come from middle- to upper middle-class families. The people who attend the career fair from upper middle-class families are used to getting what they want without too much effort; therefore, they may not be able to relate directly to the persistence you showed to work your way from a part-time low-paying position into a higher-paying one that includes benefits. The ones from middle-class families may relate more to your personal story. You can’t gather all the characteristics of all the career fair attendees in advance, but you do

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