Module 5 Rdg 581

Topics: Reading comprehension, Meaning of life, Stationery Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: April 9, 2013

Results Reflection Entry for Week Two’s Tutoring
Jennifer Sanchez
Grand Canyon University: RDG-581
March 21, 2012

Results Reflection Entry for Week Two’s Tutoring
During week two of the tutoring sessions, Student A completed each tutoring session during forty-five minute periods with the teacher. Each session included a description of the activity, implementation of the activity, and a student/teacher reflection, similar to week one. The student wrote a reflection piece, analyzing this week’s tutoring sessions. In his reflection piece, Student A admits to what he is comfortable doing, where he is struggling, and how he hopes that these sessions will be beneficial to him. The tutoring sessions were successful. Before starting each tutoring session, the teacher gave Student A his tutoring folder which had his notebook and also his pencil case. During the second week, the teacher and student worked together to develop academic vocabulary and root word/suffix vocabulary, use context clues to determine the meaning of unknown vocabulary words, and use synonyms to replace the meaning of vocabulary words. The activities included creating vocabulary index cards, playing a matching game, creating sentences, and using a word bank. Student A enjoyed creating the vocabulary index cards the most. He also wrote in his reflection that the cards can be useful when he is writing because the cards are available for him to identify the words so he can use it correctly in his writing. The teacher recommended that the cards be put on a ring and attached to his notebook or book bag. Having the cards will be beneficial because he can study and use the vocabulary words in his writing. Most of all, the student enjoyed having a manipulative that he can have access to. Using visuals and having manipulatives can motivate a student when working. “Working with manipulatives deepens understanding of concepts and relationships,...
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