Module 5 DQ 1

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How does the nurse manager or leader play a role in the reengineering of health care? People at all levels must embrace a culture of continuous process improvement. Improving patient outcomes and reducing costs complement each other when staff members have the tools to improve processes. Patient-centric organizations define value in the eyes of their patients and seek to identify and eliminate wasteful work elements from every aspect of their enterprise, both on the clinical and nonclinical side. People who do the work know the work and can usually give you those solutions. People at the staff level complete the process, hospital leaders must be engaged, support the work and provide the resources, or the process will not achieve the desired results. Different ways for a manager/leader can help reengineer a healthcare organization are: Lean processes in healthcare delivery- Lean management brings together the people who work within that department or system. They have a champion and a charter defining the scope of the project. It must align with the organization’s strategic goals with results embedded in performance evaluations. More efficiency programs, greater involvement- Six Sigma is a quality improvement method that involves more statistical analysis and measuring again after any change. Another is the theory of constraints method, which looks at policies, resources, finances, facility attributes or artificial constraints, and then the leaders address the bottlenecks with additional resources (AMN Healthcare, 2015). Collaborative learning and caring- continuous quality improvement requires internal organizational learning and measuring of a variety of outcomes, not just mortality, to discover where improvement is needed. References:

AMN Healthcare, 2015. Providers Re-engineering Healthcare for Greater Efficiency. Retrieved from:

References: AMN Healthcare, 2015. Providers Re-engineering Healthcare for Greater Efficiency. Retrieved from:
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