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Principles of Marketing

Semester 2, 2013/2014

Module handbook

Module Leader: Dr. Norman Peng

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Key Dates
In-module assignment
Assignment 1 (Presentation)Week 9&10
Assignment 2 (individual reflective essay)27th March 2014

If you do not pass the in-module assignments you may be required to take a resit exam in July 2014. New exam will be issued for this purpose.



1. Introduction1

2. Module aims, learning outcomes & indicative content2

3. How do I pass this module?3

4. Teaching and class work3

5. Reading guide 4

6. Assessment5
6.1 In-module group presentation6
6.2 In-module group presentation written report8

7. Module calendar & week by week session guide12
8. Appendix 1- CW1 Guideline13
9. Appendix 2- CW2 Guideline15
10. Appendix 3- Group contract for BBUS402 Principles of Marketing17

Session Etiquette

1. Introduction
Marketing impact our daily life consciously and subconsciously. Its perceived benefits and threats to modern society, businesses, and individuals are widely recognised by the public. Despite these perceptions are not always accurate, but what is without a doubt is that marketing as an academic discipline and a career path has attracted further attention from the students in recent decades.

This module provides an essential introduction and prepares you to build on this at later stages, academically and professionally. In addition, it is core to several business degrees and the marketing pathway. With our teaching team, we hope that you will find this module inspiring and that it will provide you with a good foundation for recognising marketing and its positive and negative impact in your everyday world.

Dr. Norman Peng
Module Leader

Room: M114
Ext.: N/A
Office hour: Monday (1245-1345);
Thursday (1330-1430)

2. Module aims, learning outcomes & indicative content
Module Aims
Enable you to recognise, describe and relate your experience of marketing activities Enable you to identify the principal concepts and techniques of marketing and apply them to business problems Develop transferable skills necessary for marketing practice Critically understand the impact of marketing and the criticisms it faces

Module outcomes
Identify and explain the use of marketing tools and techniques Apply marketing tools and techniques to business situations
Construct and present ideas in a coherent manner
Understand marketing beyond its immediate business implications

Indicative Syllabus Content
The following topics may be covered and are not limited to: Marketing as exchange; marketing mindset and concept; role of marketing in society. Introduction to problem based learning and active learning.

The marketing environment; services, business-to-business and international marketing; cultural and contextual implications. Collecting and using marketing data; marketing research.
Consumer behaviour; describing, segmenting and targeting...

References: When: March 27th (1300 hrs, 1PM).
Who: This is an individual-based assignment
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