Module 4 Slp

Topics: Marketing / Pages: 2 (274 words) / Published: Nov 5th, 2011
Module 4 SLP
ITM435 - Marketing and Marketing Info. Syst
10 July 2011

During this SLP I reviewed the tutorial sections for Distribution Decisions, Retailing, Wholesaling, and Managing Product Movement This tutorial is a great resource for learning the basic fundamentals of marketing. The Distribution Decisions section showed me what the channels of distribution as well as the type of channel members. I then learned the importance of distribution channels and the benefits offered by channel members. I never knew any of this valuable information prior to doing this tutorial. I learned about the different distribution systems including direct, indirect, and multi-channel as well as the channel arrangements of independent and dependent channels. In the retailing section of this tutorial I learned about the ways to categorize retailers and the different retail categories as well as the retail formats. I found that the pricing strategy section was very informational. In the wholesale section of the tutorial I learned the basics of wholesaling. I learned about both the benefits and concerns of wholesalers. There are also different ways to categorize wholesalers. In the managing product movement section of this tutorial I looked at service-level vs. cost. I also looked at ordering and inventory management. I can relate that to my own career field because we constantly order new supplies and must do inventory on everything we maintain. Demand forecasting is a key part of product management because that will directly relate to revenue and potential earnings or losses. Comparing the different modes of transportation was also very interesting. This overall tutorial was very informative and widens my views on Product

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