Module 10 Aviation Legislation

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Module 10.Aviation Legislation

10.1. Regulatory Framework.

Question Number. 1. A register of airlines operating on an AOC is maintained by the. Option A. ICAO.
Option B. CAA.
Option C. FAA.
Correct Answer is. CAA.
Explanation. Nil.

Question Number. 2. What category of aircraft are 'break-in' markings required?. Option A. All public transport aircraft above 2300Kg. Option B. All public transport aircraft above 5700Kg. Option C. All aircraft registered in the UK.

Correct Answer is. All aircraft registered in the UK. Explanation. Nil.

Question Number. 3. A Part-145 approval covers. Option A. base maintenance.
Option B. the major part of the organisation.
Option C. only line maintenance.
Correct Answer is. base maintenance.
Explanation. The part-145 organisation covers ALL of the organisation, and not only line maintenance.

Question Number. 4. For UK registered aircraft, components must be. Option A. maintained by a part-145 approved organisation. Option B. any appropriately approved organisation. Option C. maintained by a part-145 approved organisation registered in the UK. Correct Answer is. maintained by a part-145 approved organisation registered in the UK. OR any appropriately approved organisation. Explanation. The question is not specific about the 'type' of aircraft (light or heavy).

Question Number. 5. Aircraft manufactured abroad, but registered in the UK. Option A. can fly with an export C of A.
Option B. must have a C of A issued in the UK before it can fly. Option C. can fly with a foreign C of A.
Correct Answer is. can fly with a foreign C of A. Explanation. It can fly with a foreign C of A providing it is issued a CAA validation certificate.

Question Number. 6. To facilitate a repair, a drawing can be taken from. Option A. the CAA.
Option B. the manufacturer.
Option C. a part-145 organisation.
Correct Answer is. the manufacturer.
Explanation. The drawing must come from an organisation with Design Approval. Only the manufacturer automatically has that.

Question Number. 7. Documents to be carried on a specific aircraft for a specific purpose is given in. Option A. BCAR Section A and B.
Option B. JAR-OPS.
Option C. AOC.
Correct Answer is. JAR-OPS.
Explanation. Nil.

Question Number. 8. Safe operation of the aircraft is the responsibility of the. Option A. part-M organisation.
Option B. owner.
Option C. operator.
Correct Answer is. operator.
Explanation. That's the purpose of the Air Operator's Certificate (AOC).

Question Number. 9. The period of validity of a Certificate of Fitness for Flight under 'A' Conditions is. Option A. 7 days.
Option B. 1 flight.
Option C. 2 days.
Correct Answer is. 7 days.
Explanation. BCAR Section A/B3-8.

Question Number. 10. The details of design of a particular aircraft can be found where?. Option A. The Maintenance Manual.
Option B. The Declaration of Design and Performance.
Option C. EASA Certification Specification 25. Correct Answer is. The Declaration of Design and Performance. Explanation. Nil.

Question Number. 11. The validity of an EASA permit to fly is. Option A....
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