Module 1 Homework Assignment

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Running head: Module 1 Homework Assignment

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This paper was prepared for ENG 160: English Composition I, Module 1 Homework

Essay Writing: Part 1
Prompt: Write a descriptive essay about a specific place that you know well and have observed. You will construct a traditional, five-paragraph essay (introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and concluding paragraph). II. Body

A. View the surroundings
1. Recognize the area
2. Different colors and smells
3. See different areas of lighting
B. Explore the area
1. See different small creatures
2. Find things which were out of view
3. Feel and touch nature
C. Relaxation
1. Cool down in the pool
2. Change landscape of the area
3. Enjoy peace and serenity


Directions: Please read “Lou’s Place” by Beth Johnson on page 194 of your textbook. When you have finished reading the article, answer the following questions with at least 250 words per question.

1. What is the thesis of Johnson’s essay? If it is stated directly, locate the relevant sentence or sentences. If it is implied, state the thesis in your own words.

At Lou’s Kosy Korner Koffee Shop, the mock abuse flows like a cup of spilled Folgers. Customers are yelled at, lectured, blamed, mocked, teased, and ignored. As in a fond but dysfunctional family, Lou displays his affection through criticism and insults, and his customers respond in kind. If Lou’s had a slogan, it might be, “If I’m polite to you, ask yourself what’s wrong.”

2. Which statement would best serve as a topic sentence for paragraph 13? Explain why. D. Regular customers at Lou’s are used to taking care of themselves while Lou reads his paper.
It appears that Lou has a certain level of trust with customers that he may have been serving over a long period of time. I think he knows that they can preform tasks such as pouring coffee and making their food without him. I...
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