Module 1 Case Assignment: Health Behavior

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Module 1 Case Assignment: Health Behavior

MHD508 Health Behavior and Change

TUI University

Module 1 Case Assignment: Health Behavior

In the United States there seems to be a definite emphasis placed on health and healthy behavior. One has only to turn on the television or scan the local magazine newsstands to be bombarded with advertisements for weight loss diets and products, exercise machines, and a multitude of other health related items and articles. Based on the prevalence of health related products in the market there is obviously a real or perceived health need. The Committee on Health and Behavior: Research, Practice and Policy which was composed of experts in a multitude of fields to include public policy, psychology, social work, and many different fields of medicine reviewed a multitude of research reports on health and behavior that have been published since 1982. The committee’s focus was on developments in health and behavior research encompassing biological health and psychosocial factors. (Schwab, 2003) In terms of understanding the committee’s research and findings it may first be prudent to review some of the basic terms such as health and behavior, some of the risk factors, and to look at the ecological perspective from which the committee approached their report. The committee chose to use their ecological definition of health as "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not the absence of infirmity." (Committee, 2001)They describe a comprehensive definition of health which requires one to focus more on outcomes rather than disease pathology. They encourage the idea that health is multidimensional and present the concept of positive health that encompasses the ideals of a healthy body, positive personal relationships, a sense of purpose, and resilience to the general turmoil of life which encompasses...

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(Document ID: 1318143911).
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