Module 1 Case Assignment

Topics: Renaissance, Catherine de' Medici, Italy Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: January 22, 2014
Lady in Her Bath

“Lady in Her Bath” is a painting painted by a famous French Renaissance Artist known as Francois Clouet. He was an artist known for the detailed paintings of French royal families as the court painter. He also had other well-known paintings the “Portrait of Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of France,” the “Portrait of Henry II” and more. The painting “Lady in Her Bath” is described as a lady nude in a bath posing for a portrait with a flower in her hand. And she is in the company of a boy, a mother nursing her newborn baby. On the bathtub there are fresh fruits in a place bowl of some kind. At a closer look it can be seen that the little boy is reaching for the fruits on the bathtub. In the background of the bath scene there is an opening and in that opening there can be seen a woman holding a watering can.

In this painting there is a classic portrayal of a royal quarrel captured by the chief court painter of Henry II. According to some sources on the web it is said that the woman in the panting is the mistress of Henry II. Also the children seen would be from his extra marital affair with this woman. The woman nursing a child would be the mistress’s nurse. (1)

In order to analyze and understand this painting for its renaissance values we must first understand the thinkers of the renaissance era. Thinkers from renaissance era often thought that they were solely responsible for bringing in the modern age, as different from the ancient, medieval and dark eras. Renaissance thinkers aggressively connected themselves with the values of classical antiquities, particularly as expressed in the recent rediscovered masterpieces of literature and moral philosophies. Many of these scholars were influenced by music, politics, science, religious beliefs and intellectual analysis. These artists combined these moral philosophes with human emotion to bring about more humanism to their paintings. In these times artists created art that displayed more...

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