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Q#1: Discuss the life and work style of Dr. Maria Montessori and why is she referred to as a lady much ahead of her time?

Dr. Maria Montessori:

Maria Tecla Artemesia Montessori (Italian pronunciation: [ma’ria montes’sɔri]; August 31, 1870 – May 6, 1952) was an Italian physician and educator best known for the philosophy of education that bears her name and her writing on scientific pedagogy.
Life and Works of Dr. Maria Montessori:-
1. Birth and family
2. Education
3. Early Career and family.
4. Work with mentally disabled children
5. Further Studies.
6. Casa dei Bambini and the spread of Montessori ideas.
7. International recognition and growth of Montessori ideas and education.
8. Further development of Montessori education.
9. Lectures and boooks
10. Awards and recognition.

1. Birth and Family:- Dr. Maria Montessori was born on 31st August 1870 to an educated middle-class family in Ancona, Italy. She was the only child of her parents. Her father’s name was Alessaendro Montessori and he was a conservative military man. On the other hand, her mother, Renidle Montessori was a liberal lady. And supported Maria’s educational pursuit. Her father’s frequent transfer gave Maria a chance to have education in big cities.
2. Education:- The Dr. Maria Montessori’s family moved to Rome in 1875, and the following year theyoung Maria enrolled in the local state school on the Via di San Nicolo da Tolentino. As her education progressed, she began to break through the barriers which constrained women’s careers. From 1886 to 1890 she continued her studies at the Regio Instituto Tecnico Leonardo da Vinci, which she entered with the intention of becoming an engineer. This was unusual at the time as most girls who pursued secondary education studied the classics rather than going to technical school. Maria Montessori later decided to change her career and switched to medicine. A woman

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