Module 1

Topics: Scientific method, Experiment, Hypothesis Pages: 3 (714 words) Published: June 13, 2014
Module 1 Activity 1

Part A.
#1-D Survey. Ahmed is asking many people a series of questions to gather information on their thoughts on the videos. Therefore it is a survey.

#2-C Laboratory Observation. Nadine is observing her test subjects in an unnatural environment. She is in a laboratory and is observing her test subjects.

#3- Survey. Ada is asking a number of questions to college student to gather information about their alcohol consumption.

#4- Psychological Tests. The document is observing or assessing Phineas Gage’s cognitive and behavioral abilities. This is the purpose of psychological tests.

#5- Laboratory Observation. Jerry is observing Ben Jones verbal and non-verbal behaviors in an unnatural environment of psychiatric hospital.

#6- Case Study. Dee is conducting an analysis on how the babies are reacting to the color of their bottle over time. Dee recorded the preferences after a year, which makes a it a case study. There is no control group so it’s not an experiment.

#7- Naturalistic Observation. Francis is observing the subjects in their natural environment (the farmers’ market).

#8- Psychological Tests. Trina is assessing mental abilities or individual intelligence of certain individuals. This is the purpose. of psychological tests.

#9-F Experiment. It is an experiment because the doctor had a procedure done to a control group and an experimental group to be able to determine the result of the medication on the patients. The control group provides a base-line to compare the experimental group to.

Part B.
10-11. There is a positive correlation between taking the herbal supplement and receiving higher grades in the course. Students who are more open minded to new things like herbal supplements are more open to different types of studying habits and perform well in the class. Intelligent students realize the nutritional benefit of herbal supplements.

12-13. There is a positive correlation between...
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