Modesty in General

Topics: Culture, Modesty, Naturism Pages: 3 (1092 words) Published: October 4, 2005
Modesty is a set of values that each person has that defines how they present themselves as a person. Over the years modesty has changed enormously over many different cultures and races. Wendy Shalit gives an excellent look into how modesty has evolved over the years and how people see it today, in her story The Future of Modesty. Part of the loss of modesty we are facing has to do with the dating and sex part of life. As our standards for dating go down the less modest people are forced to be. When people become "easy to get" other people are almost forced to go with their standards in order to keep up. When one person starts wearing something that would be considered less modest, other people see the attention that person is getting and goes along with it. It might even go as far as sex standards. When people start having one night stands more often people find it more socially acceptable and begin to go with the flow as did the people that dress differently to gain attention. Being less modest is almost a different way of working toward a common goal. On one hand you can attempt the dating scene and spend money on dates, affection, and gifts. But on the other hand you can buy more revealing outfits that almost say that you are easy to get. Being easy to get can attract attention of the sex you are striving towards by being noticed. One way to throw yourself in this sort of environment is to hang around more mixed sex groups that are more social and grouped. Drinking in groups is one way to be exposed to situations of sex and affection. When affected by drugs and alcohol people are more likely to engage in sexual acts that would take months if they were in the dating environment. When people plan to drink, they plan to have a good time in a social environment that might also lead to decisions that would not be made if not for the state of mentality of the individual. Some might say that it is easier to make a move on someone when not in the...
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