Modest Proposal

Topics: Teenage pregnancy, Adolescence, Pregnancy Pages: 3 (1059 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Modest Proposal
Today one of our most growing issues in America is teen pregnancy. Now a day’s media plays a huge role in a regular teenagers life. Television, magazines, and the Internet have been sending a message that sex is okay. Teenagers think that loosing their virginity before the age of 18 is “cool.” Many teens are put into situations where they feel they must have sex and don’t care about protection. Many teens that have sex without using protection can lead to pregnancy. Being a teenager and pregnant completely changes a teenagers life. First of all, many teens drop out of school so they can take care of the baby and work to support her baby. This causes a lack of education enabling the teenage mother to get a proper job to support her and her baby. Second, their are many health risks to babies of teen mothers. Thirdly, the teenage will grow up too fast and not have the proper childhood. Instead of being able to go and hang out with friends on a Friday night, they have to stay home and take care of their child. Not being able to live a proper childhood could cause depression for the teenage which is both bad for her and her child. In some cases teenagers make the smart decision of giving their child up for adoption, but other teenagers make the stupid choice of wanting to raise their child at such a young age. That is why I have come up with a solution to this horrible problem. My solution is that all boys should get a vasectomy at the age of 13. Before the vasectomy the doctor collects some of the boy’s sperm into a sperm bank for later use. After a man and women get married after the age of 21, they can go to the government to get a license that they are allowed to have kids. Both the husband and wife will go to their doctors with their license and passports, showing the doctor that they have the rights to have a child. The doctor will then take the sperm from the boy that was collected at the age of 13 and implant it into the women. This idea is a...
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