Modernization Versus Tradition

Topics: Chinua Achebe, Teacher, Village Pages: 3 (1056 words) Published: April 18, 2007
In the story "Dead Men's Path" Chinua Achebe describe the controversy between tradition and modernization in the school of Ndume. Michael Obi is the main character of this story. He is confronted with the villagers and their resistance to change. All the characters go through different changes according to their belief. The theme between the main character and the rest of the characters is controversial. Because Michael is aims with intellectual arrogance, and the villagers with resistance to change, they are not capable of finding a common field to solve their problems. Michael Obi who is an energetic 26 years old married man, found himself promoted as a headmaster of the school of Ndume in January 1949. Michael could not expect a better promotion." He accepted this responsibility with enthusiasm. He had many wonderful ideas and this was an opportunity to put them into practice."(165). He is eager for change and he knew that the school of Ndume really needed someone like him. He is a zealot about modernization who is willing to do everything he can to change the school. Michael wants to put his whole life into work, for that reason, he wants a better quality of teaching and a new design of the school compound. His wife Nancy is also willing to help with the design of the compound. Nancy is a young woman who has been married to Michael for two years. She "had become completely infected by his passion for modern methods." (166). The influence of her husband's belief of new ways has impacted her also. Nancy wants to "set the fashion in everything." She views herself as someone who will be envy by others wives, and, an eventual "Queen of the school." (166). Though, as the same time she is a little worry about the marital status of the others women of the school. When she address her concern of the presence of many single women in the school, her husband told her that it "is a good thing." (166). They will put all of their effort into this school to make it a better...

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