Modernization and Dependency Theory

Topics: Sociology, Economics, Marxism, Karl Marx, Capitalism, Economy / Pages: 5 (1122 words) / Published: Dec 5th, 2012
While there are merits to both modernization and dependency theory, which one in your opinion aptly explains Pakistan’s current socio economic woes?
A country plagued by a myriad of critical issues, Pakistan’s deepening woes have dented its image in the social and economic strata. While theorists have provided several ideologies concerning its current dilemma, this paper discusses Pakistan’s predicament in the light of the principles of the development theory: modernization and dependency theories. Both the theories relate to the implications of development in Third World countries; in this case being Pakistan. For a country to be seen as modern, modernisation theorists say it has to undergo an evolutionary advance in science and technology which in turn would lead to an increased standard of living for all (Maria Keet). On the contrary dependency theorists believe that dependence is a situation in which the economy of certain countries is conditioned by the development and expansion of another economy to which the former is subjected (Dos Santos, 1970). While there is ample proof to believe that modernization is actually beneficial than detrimental to Pakistan, however, its dependency on a “core” of wealthy states is giving birth to a number of grave issues.
There is a dire need to augment modernization in Pakistan for its promotion will certainly even out extremism as well as an increasing radicalization in the country. Those in favour of modernization argue that it boosts the economy as well as the social standing of the society. Improved infrastructure, excelling education and a sense of achievement, universalism and individualism can be directly attributed to the theory which is certainly required in Pakistan. However, modernization is wiping out traditional values and is targeting the upper strata of this country. This fear can be negated as several theorists believe that the cultures of developing countries e.g. the importance of family, may be a response

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