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Future of Modernization

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Modernization is a worldwide phenomenon, which is directly linked to whether or not a society is industrialized. Rich societies like the United States enjoy modernization to the fullest whereas, poorer societies like certain countries in Africa struggle just to meet basic life needs. According to Macionis (2006), “Peter Berger identified four major characteristics of modernization: (1) The decline of small, traditional communities (2) The expansion of personal choice (3) Increasing social diversity, and (4) Orientation toward the future and a growing awareness of time”. Modernization can produce many rewarding results, on the other hand, according some theorist can be detrimental to certain societies.

With modernization comes the decline of small, traditional communities the foothold to this is, that the once solidarity and meaning societies experience is weakened if not destroyed all together. For thousands of years, before the industrial revolutions people lived in rural villages spread throughout the land. These societies revolved around family and neighbor, and valued traditions, each person had a well-defined roll, a strong sense of identity, belonging and purpose. Although, the downside to life in these rural village’s people had limited personal choice in what they could do (2006). According to Andras and Charlton (2003), these once traditional societies acted “like a pyramid of top-down authority, a modern society is more like a mosaic held together by the cement of mutual inter-dependence”.

Peter Berger’s second characteristic of modernization; the expansion of personal choice allows people in these modern societies to live their life with an unending series of options. Whereas, people in societies whom lived in pre-industrial time, believed that their lives where shaped and controlled by forces beyond human control, such as god, spirits or simply fate. In a modernization society...
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