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By Dmassie1 Jun 09, 2013 1064 Words
Future of Modernization
Danielle Massie
Christopher Jones

As we begin to ponder the future of modernization, and the possible consequences that are apt to occur, perhaps we should first revisit the definition of modernization. To this end we can start by saying that modernization is thought of as a concept that states that the development of societies can be considered as a standard evolutionary pattern that has a tendency to stimulate growth. It can also be considered as the concept that refers to the process where society goes through several stages, including industrialization, urbanization, and various other social changes, that tend to completely transform the lives of individuals. One must first take into consideration that modernization, taken in-and-of- itself, should not be considered either good or bad. Modernization is not limited to the geographical bounds of the United States but actually affects people worldwide, and has wide ranging effects including politically, socially, economically, and environmentally throughout the entire populated world. Of course, as in most things, there are positive aspects of modernization as well as several consequences. Perhaps it could be posited that Industrialization began the social changes in the United States society that could be referred to as the modernization of the United States. Although there were many changes before industrialization they were perhaps not as wide-ranging or as monumental. For the purposes of this discussion we can say that modernization refers to the changes of social patterns since the time of the industrial revolution (Macionis, J. J., 2011). These changes are going to continue, so that we can have better and more efficient technology. Our buildings are even being built to endure certain circumstance based on location. We have advanced so much there would be no reason to take a step back now. We are finding more and better ways to improve our everyday lives and makes things easier for an everyday commute. We have changed the way we think and treat people as well. Since we are a more diverse society people don’t judge each other based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. The way we treat others in the workplace and sexual harassment has changed also sexual harassment is now a serious crime and has consequences. Modernization is a world-wide trend. We often use conference calling for business meetings in foreign countries. Most countries now have access to the World Wide Web as well. Countries are looking for ways to modernize and adapt to the new technology we have available. There are societies and religions that do not believe in modernization such as the Amish. In some societies socialization has become closer among residents while others societies have grown further apart. Schools are adapting to other cultures and standards. Education is changing as well as work ethics and duties. Countries want to find new ways to expand and progress. Japan and China are two countries that have shown major modernization in the last few decades. All countries can benefit from the progression of modernization. Modernization helps to societies as well as has its negative aspects. We will discuss the negative effects later. Technology blends with our society and traditions are often lost. With more technology we find less need for backbreaking labor and many jobs are replaced with machines. Modernization has even affected our environment with pollution. There are positive aspects to modernization as well. As mentioned before the technology helps in the workplace by making things more efficient, faster, and less costly. Modernization has also change the way be build. Many of our buildings are now modernized and more appealing to onlookers. We can now see other parts of the world just by searching the internet. We can socialize with others that are across the globe without leaving our homes. Modernization has led to social, political, economical, cultural changes, and more. We have brought change in society in numerous ways. Modernization has helped to legalize same-sex marriages, abortions and other things that were considered forbidden before. Some fear with the advance in modernization that we may lose sight in religious values. The great thing about modernization is more people are thinking for themselves, and fighting for what they believe in. A study done in china had found that people in underdeveloped areas where more likely to get lung cancer because of smoking in their homes and using solid heat to cook and heat. The study found it was better on their health to live in a more modernized society. The wood and coal used to make their heat and warm their food was also a cause of lung cancer. So modernization, even though it has also caused pollution in the past, can also help us to become more environmentally friendly. This study shows that we are learning from our mistakes and making better choices to make a better future. Modernization has its good qualities as well as its bad. Technology will continue to advance and societies will continue to adapt. We will continue our want and need for something faster, better, and more efficient than the technology we already have. Countries will continue to compete with each other to come out with the latest technology and best advancements. We will continue to accept new trends, ideas, and values. Some traditions will diminish though we will have new advancements to take their place. The U.S. alone has grown to accept new things such as same sex marriage, rights to vote and more. With as advance as we have become worldwide there is no reason for modernization to stop where it is. We can always learn new things, make new things and come together as better communities. We can also learn to adapt and make better choices for our environment to ensure a healthier world for generations to come.


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