Topics: Industrial Revolution, Slavery, Factory Pages: 3 (885 words) Published: April 8, 2014

Modernity is characterized as the switch from the traditional to capitalism and industrialization. In this paper I will discuss the negative way Modernity was displayed in the film “Modern Times”, how the printing press has shaped our Modern world through books, the Modernization of La’ie, and how slavery was a negative byproduct of modernization. Modern Times a film written and produced by Charlie Chaplin set during the Great Depression, tells of a man (Chaplin) going through a series of difficult jobs reminiscent of the time. In each scene Modernity is depicted negatively. The film opens with Chaplin as a factory worker where the heads of the factory are trying out a new feeding device on him. In this scene he is force fed with this machine as the men who created it watch on. Later in this same factory his job is to screw bolts on pieces of machinery from an ever increasing in speed assembly line, after which he suffers a mental breakdown and continues on to cause chaos all throughout the factory. Each scene demonstrates the negative side effects of Modernity on the little people of time. It was obvious that people such as the ones over the factory had no issue, but in fact benefited from this modern switch, whereas those of the working class struggled immensely. Chaplin demonstrated the negative side effects of the Industrial Revolution making a mockery of the big people, the only ones reaping the benefits of the working class. La’ie prior to modernization was essentially just a plot of sparsely populated land. The Wallace article explains the purchase of the land through the church. And the gathering of the saints helped to bring Sugar Mills, Taro plantations, a Temple, a school, and the Polynesian Cultural Center into existence in the area, benefitting those who lived in La’ie. While there were some struggles in the beginning due to a storage of water the overall “industrialization” did not seem to have any negative side effects. There were...
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