Modernism and St. Francis

Topics: Modernism, Leonardo da Vinci, Dimension Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: March 29, 2004

Giotto, who was described by Boccaccacio as "the world's best painter" redesigned art with his rediscovery of the third dimension. His paintings gave a new birth to measurable space and the natural appearances of surfaces. Giotto, an Italian painter, lived from 1267-1337 and spent his life working on religious art and brought a third dimension to his figures. Previous art that was done in the Byzantine era was two-dimensional and the human shape was flat and done in traditional poses. Giotto gave birth to figures in a broad array of poses.

Giotto's art influenced Florentine art and sculpture. He painted such works of art as Scrovegni, Ognissanti Madonna and many others that are displayed in the most prominent churches in Italy. Even now, looking at his art I feel a sense of reverence and warmth. His paintings radiate light and give feelings of love and compassion.

It was very difficult for me to choose a work of art since I found all of his paintings to be very interesting. I liked his painting Pentecost, but Stigmatization of St. Francis is probably my favorite painting of his. The painting depicts Jesus looking down on St. Francis. The colors of paint that Giotto used are very warm yellows and browns. The painting radiates a light from the color. The figures are placed on a mountain with building and trees around them, but the focus is on the figures and not the surroundings. St. Francis is actually the focal point of the painting. St. Francis has a reverence look that radiates off his face and the painting makes you feel his emotions as he sees Jesus over him. I think that is why this is my favorite. The painting is a tempera on wood and was done in 1300 A.D., just thirty years before his death. The painting is hung at the Louvre in Paris.
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