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Luis Bunuel was born on the 22nd of February 1900 in Spain •In his youth Bunuel was deeply religious serving at mass and taking communion everyday, until the age of 16 when he became disgusted with what he perceived as the illogically of the church along with its power and wealth •From a young age Bunuel showed evidence of surrealist thinking and a negative outlook towards religion and realism. •When Bunuel died at the age of 83 he left behind a legacy, he was know as the father of surrealism and one of the most original directors in the history of film and media •Often associated with the surrealist movement of the 1920’s Buñuel created films from the 1920s through the 1970s. His work spans two continents, three languages, and nearly every film genre. •Bunuel had a fascination for dreams and this was conveyed a lot through his work •Dreams where the nourishment of his films and from his earliest days as a surrealist in Paris to his triumphs in his late 70s, dream logic was always likely to interrupt the realism of his films. •Luis Bunuel said “if he were told he had 20 years to live and was asked how he wanted to live them, his reply would be: "Give me two hours a day of activity, and I'll take the other 22 in dreams -- provided I can remember them."

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Salvador Dali was born on the 11th of may 1904 he was also a film maker and artist who was fascinated by surrealist thinking and showed surrealist tendencies •He spent most of his life promoting himself and shocking the world with his controversial thinking expressed through his paintings and films. •Dalí’s art is the definition of surrealism. Throughout his art he clearly elaborates on juxtaposition, disposition and morphing of objects to create intriguing and controversial artwork. •Not surprisingly Bunuel and Dali became good friends connecting through their fascination of dreams and their hatred toward realism •Working together they were able to create one of the...
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