modernisation of stock exchanges

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People buy goods and services in a place called market. However, when the people need to trade in stocks, shares, debentures etc. there is a specific place where one needs to go. One cannot deal with these items in a normal market place. Thus a place or a platform where the trading of these shares and stocks takes place is known as the STOCK MARKET. The price of these shares and stocks is not considered by monopoly; rather it is the demand and supply forces of the market that determines the prices of these shares and stocks.
In earlier times, the trading, that is, the buying and selling of shares and stocks takes place at a particular place known as stock exchange. Thus, the person needs to go at that particular platform if he or she needs to trade in the shares. However with the advancement of technology, this process has almost become redundant. Now, the trading of shares and stock can take place electronically. There is a tremendous reduction of paperwork as everything has gone online.
Stock Exchange (also called Stock Market or Share Market) is one important constituent of capital market. Stock Exchange is an organized market for the purchase and sale of industrial and financial security. It is convenient place where trading in securities is conducted in systematic manner i.e. as per certain rules and regulations.
It performs various functions and offers useful services to investors and borrowing companies. It is an investment intermediary and facilitates economic and industrial development of a country.
Stock exchange is an organized market for buying and selling corporate and other securities. Here, securities are purchased and sold out as per certain well-defined rules and regulations. It provides a convenient and secured mechanism or platform for transactions in different securities. Such securities include shares and debentures issued by public companies which are duly listed at the stock exchange, and bonds and debentures issued by government, public

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