Modern World

Topics: Europe, Protestant Reformation, Middle Ages Pages: 3 (1053 words) Published: August 29, 2013
Shaping Time

After many long-lasting years in the history of our world, it is difficult to pick a time frame and place from where the modern world originated. Although there are many important and dramatic events in history, the birth of the modern world happened in Europe from 1500-1600 AD because of the incredible renaissance, the defying reformation and the courageous age of exploration. All these critical moments in time shaped the world into what it is today.

Merchants trading, Italian bankers sitting on 22222 benches, this was the birth of Contemporary economy. Commerce exploded during the renaissance, wealth was being held by a new level of people. Now that there was money in hands of this new “middle class” the people had new opportunities in life. More and more middle class people had availability to a variety of education and knowledge. Contrary from the middle ages, brawn does not beat knowledge anymore. The more knowledgeable people there were in Europe the more humanity could advance in a whole being individualistic, yet competition always arises in human nature. For the first time in history, this competition drove the creation of new ways of life. All the Italian city-states were competing to be the prettiest and most powerful state in Italy, because of this competition the best architecture, art, astronomy, and anatomy practices came up. Renaissance Europe introduced many new feats that we after 700 years still hold close to our hearts. Humankind right now still works on the technology and knowledge that was created during the renaissance, with out the knowledge that came out of the Renaissance the world would not be the same.

Individuals started to question the Catholic Church after the Bubonic Plague ravaged through Europe. The citizens thought that the church was not protecting them in the time of need, yet not many people stood up against the church. The people who did stand up against the church got brutally executed by burning at...
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