Modern Version of The Crucible

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Novemeber 3,2008
Modern Version of The Crucible
Abigail Williams- Regina George
Mary warren- Katy
Betty- Gretchen
The Girls – The plastics
John Proctor- John Tucker
Elizabeth Proctor- Ellie
Giles Corey- Mclovin
Martha Corey-rachel.
Reverend Hale- Sister fanny

Setting- A high school in A small town in Michigan
Plot- The Plastics are the head of the school. They run it and know exactly what to say and how far they need to go in order to get what they want. They have recently been caught cheating on the most important test of there lives, The SAT and the rumor has been spread. In order for them to uphold there reputation they must go through a struggle which they are willing to do.

The story opens up with a group of girls talking about the incident in lunch. -O.M.G! did you hear about Regina George ?
-No? why? what happened
-I heard she was caught cheating on the SAT, this morning.
-No way, well I heard she was caught making out with john tucker last week in the projection room above the auditorium… that boyfriend stealer. -Yea, Katy Karen and Gretchen too. They’re all in Shanes office as we speak. They continue eating and soon blow it off as they talk about other school gossip

Shane- Ive had about enough off this!. You are going to tell me exactly what happened Regina- Mr. Shane, I don’t know what you’re talking about Shane- You Girls are dealing with a serious matter hear and you are on the edge of expulsion so you better let me know what exactly went on. Gretchen- OK OK! I confess I was having some trouble on it and we decided to help each other out cause we are true B.F.F’s.. Shane- I see, well did anyone else take part in this ? maybe Charles Lamm? Did you see him cheating. He is a big trouble maker you know. Regina- Yes we did he was passing notes to Alex who was passing notes to Sofi. Karen- Yea! And she was passing notes to Brenda and to Kelley! Shane- thank you for your honesty you may go. dismissed.

Regina- Wait! The one who started all of this was.. Ellie.
Shane- Are you sure of this?
Regina- Yes sir, im sure I would never lie. I saw her
Shane- Ok thank you, that will be all .
The girls leave the principles office giggling and head right to the girls room. Regina- OK Listen up skanks! What happened in there is confidential if anyone of you tell I swear ill mention you in the burn book. Karen- But Regina I cant believe you lied about ---

Regina- Listen Karen, I didn’t lie about anything I saw what I saw right? Gretchen- You know your only doing this cause you want her perfect boyfriend John Tucker.. Regina- Gretchen weve been BFs for a while now what I did was to save us and nothing else. I mean its not like you would buy a skirt without asking one of your friends if it looks good. Gretchen- Ohhh right.

Katy- This still feels wrong,
Regina- Oh man up Katy or else im sure I can come up with something creative to spread around school about you. Understood? Katy- in a small scared voice she answers: understood.
Ellie and John Tucker run into each other right before class and begin to talk John Tucker- Hey beautiful
Ellie- in a very cold tone- Hi john.. did you hear what happened with the plastics this morning, during the test? John Tucker- Yea I did I’m sure it’s not big deal they probably just get like indoor suspension for a couple of days Ellie- You mean you hope it’s no big deal because its Regina John Tucker- Ellie I thought we were passed that, I’m sick of you always judging me. Ellie- I don’t judge you john you just can’t seem to let her out of you mind. John Tucker- That’s not true.

The bell rings for 3rd period.Ellie walks in class to find Katy sitting in the desk next to hers Katy- Hey Ellie. Whats up
Ellie- umm nothing I guess.. you
Katy- nothing much I just wanted to give you this BF note from me because I really appreciate you as my friend and maybe we can start wearing pink of Fridays? Ellie – umm thanks I guess and sure that sounds...
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