Modern Version for Romeo and Juliet

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Love at the fire escape

“My only love sprung from my only hate! Too early seen unknown, and known too late! Prodigious birth of love it is to me, that I must love a loathed enemy”- Juliet

Rodney, as Romeo
Julia, as Juliet
Rodney’s dad, Mr. Voligod, as Mr. Montague
Julia’s dad, Mr. Ultis, as Mr. Capulet

Setting- Chicago, on a chilly spring night, Julia’s apartments’ fire escape.

Prologue- Rodney’s dad, Mr. Voligod, and Julia’s dad, Mr. Ultis, are business rivals and they don’t want Rodney and Julia to talk or see one another.

(Rodney is walking with his friends towards the celebration party for winning the national football championship, when he starts thinking) Rodney- (In his mind) I wish my beloved girlfriend would be here, oh Julia where are you? I miss you . . . . (Julia is sitting in her apartments fire escape thinking of Rodney. Her dad comes in.) Mr. Ultis- Juliet, daughter of mine, I have to go on a conference far away and won’t be home until tomorrow night. Julia- Okay dad.

(Julia stays outside thinking.)
Julia- Rodney, I wish you could be here with me, my parents not home so they wont know . . . . I should call you! (Grabs phone and calls Rodney, Rodney’s phone rings, he answers) Rodney- Hello Julia

Julia- Hey Rodney, I miss you, and I wish you could come over so we could see each other for a while. Rodney- I’m on my way to the celebration party for the football game with my friends, but you’re more important than them so I’ll sneak out and go my love. My dad can’t find out though. Julia- Oh babe, you would do that for me?

Rodney- I will do that and way more.
Julia- Aw, Okay, I’ll wait for you.
Rodney- I’ll be there in 10.
Julia- Okay,
Rodney- Okay,
(They hang up)
(Rodney runs to Julia’s apartment complex)
Julia- I wish our parents weren’t so stubborn and let me and Rodney just be together. (Yells)
Rodney- Oh Julia can I climb up and come in. Will it be safe? If...
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